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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  August 10, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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fox25 starts right now. >> catherine: good morning to you. happily through the week. wednesday morning, august 10, i am catherine parrotta. >> julie: and i am julie grauert. the nice weather moving to an end. the humidity and clouds are moving in. the timeline of when and where you should be ready for wet weather. shiri? >> shiri: so far so good. showers barely moving into western new england. most of the shower activity well over new york state. as we travel through the day, you will see it leaking eastward, swansea, new mp increasing clouds. worcester at 67, turning partly cloudy. but we are all dry as you wake up this morning. 68 in westford. 64 in tewksbury. 70 in boston and 67 in milton. we have mostly clear skies in fact for duxbury and wareham at 67 degrees and harwich at 65. southeastern massachusetts, by the way, is going to be my driest spot today. at 7 a.m., 69 degrees. still keeping things nice and dry and keeping a close eye on southwestern new hampshire at 7:00 this morning.
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the chance of a few showers even arriving in the boston area. and through the afternoon, we are going to watch for widely scattered rain. not everybody see it is. it will be patchy what we do see. areas impacted dealing with a mostly dry day. a lot more dry versus wet times today keeping things very humid into the second half of the day. it is turning muggy with the hit and miss showers today. highs from 780 to 86 degrees. we will time it out next. we will get you back to julie for live for now. >> julie: shiri, good morning. don't be confused with the icons on the map. overnight construction work that will wrap up 5 a.m. an accident on the pike near washington street and not slowing anybody down because nobody out. route 1, 93 south moving along fine. no issues northbound or southbound. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 20 minutes on 93 south. 22 minutes on 128 from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. police are receiving
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last night a large crowd attended a candlelight vigil for 27-year-old vanessa marcott. she left her mother's home to go for a run and never returned. investigators don't know if the attack was random but the brutal crime has residents living in fear. >> my daughter runs the same route that vanessa does. she says she will never run again. we are all very nervs this. >> catherine: she lived in new york city and was in massachusetts to visit her parents. her father tell "the globe" he had dinner with her saturday night. we have breaking news in winchendon where there is a large crime scene outside of a home on spruce street. fox25 was there as state police went in and out of this house. police put crime tape around the side of the home and brought in lights to take clear photos of evidence. right now unclear what happened here but we have a reporter headed to the scene
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and state police. as soon as we get more information on the crime scene, we will bring it to you. route 9 is back open after a person was hit by a car in framingham. this happened around 9:00 not far from shopper's world. the victim was rushed to the hospital with serious head and leg injuries. no word on their condition this morning. police are investigating the accident. new hampshire police are looking for a driver who caused a road rage crash in grantham. this white ford explorer passed another car on i-89. the dr front of it and slammed on the brakes. the car lost control and swerved into a bridge. state police tell fox25 the driver and a child suffered minor injuries, and the explorer took off. they issued a warrant for that arrest. a teacher and coast has been ordered to stay away from children. steven mcdonald raped a 16-year-old child with special needs while using the bathroom. he lured the child with candy and threatened to kill his
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with his commands. mcdonald pleaded not guilty and ran from our cameras when asked for his side of the story. the lawyer said that the father of two. >> it is unbelievable story and will all come out trial. >> julie: they say the allegations are deeply concerning and will cooperate with the investigation. police in bridgewater want to take a good look that the sketch. this guy is a person of have in an attempted abduction. the man tried to get them in his van to play pokemon go. he was last seen drying a black minivan. police are going door to door looking for witnesses. >> julie: 4:34 and only on fox25, a disturbing crime at faneuil hall thats that parent concerned. fox25's robert goulston show us how a group of street performers stopped the guy in the crime before police could get there. ? ? ?.
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is all about the right moves. on sunday -- >> they were doing the single ladies. heard a scream. >> reporter: the group's moves helped them make an arrest. >> we didn't know what was going on. i you a people running. then i saw guy runs. >>reporter: that man jamieing a lar did an indecent sexual act behind a young teenaged girl and was filming his activity with his phone. the girl's family, visiting from spain, started pointing and yelling what the man did and he was i tripped him. >> reporter: police say the breeze team grabbed the suspect and held him until officers arrived. >> i held him like this. >> i held him like this and said don't move. don't move. >> reporter: they also grabbed the man's phone and saw the videos of what he was allegedly doing behind the girl. >> picked the phone up and said, look. >> i never seen that so that kind of bugged me. >> to try prevent this from ever happening.
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alert during the show. >> keep your personal belongings in front of you and keep your kids in front of you especially. >> reporter: the victim's family tracked them down after the arrest was made to thank them. >> they came back over here and gave us love. >> you know you got to do that at this moment. you know if you see something wrong, you know you got to do it. >> reporter: in boston, robert goulston, fox25 news. >> julie: they did the right thing. the suspect is being held on house arrest until his next court appearan. trying to prevent future animal abuse. the board of selectman will talk next for a house where two dozen cats were found living in filthy conditions. the board voted to pay more than $10,000 to clean up that property over the next three days. one selectman even agreed to work with a resident to try to limit the number of cats a person can have. >> one of the board of selectman was very -- was very helpful that we can work on an ordinance together and hopefully get something so it
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>> if the cat limiting ordinance drafted it will go before a town meeting and then to a attorney general to make sure it coincides for state law. taxpayers may are to continue picking up the tab for maintaining empty buildings on boston's long islands. at least for the near future. yesterday afternoon boston mayor marty walsh defended spending on long island. a fox25 investigates reports found that the city spent more than $5 condemned the only bridge to the island in 2014. that move shut down programs for the homeless and people in drug rehab. mayor walsh said laws have been made in boston but couldn't give us an answer of the future of those empty buildings. >> reporter: what is the plan for long island? >> we don't have a long-term plan. we are working to see what the plan is long term. it will come down to where do we come up with the money to
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>> if there is no new plan for long island, why maintain to preserve those buildings. >> we want to preserve for future and if we stop running water to those buildings, they will annual disrepair and will cost us even more money. >> julie: mayor walsh said the city doesn't have enough money to build a new bridge from long island but may ask for help from the state and feds. state officials are be work zones this summer. they are working extra hard to get impaired drivers off the road. new ads reminding people of severe penalties for oui convictions. they are also adding extra patrols for highways and keeping an eye on bars who have a track record of selling alcohol to people convicted of drunk driving. >> people in work zones are especially vulnerable to oui drivers. these are people behind the cones, and we need to be
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in danger. the cones don't stop the drunk driver. we need to stop them. >> julie: in 2014 alone, 140 people were killed in drunk driving accidents. a north reading woman accused of defacing a donald trump sign is apologizing for what she did. our first look at 57-year-old susan bryant in court. charged with four counts of defacing property and assault. here is her work at a home in andover. the homeowner told the judge bryant had damaged signs on the property before an confronted her. bryant attorney says wants to pay to replace the sign. >> we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. single numbers on the expressway right now. 9 minutes from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. shiri? >> shiri: starting out in the 60s and 70s. breakfast 72 and still dry. hit or miss storms through lunchtime and through dinnertime tonight. time out the hardest-hit
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? sip in summertime with a frozen coolatta from dunkin' donuts. stay cool this summer with a new sour apple, watermelon, or blue raspberry coolatta. america runs on dunkin'. demonstrations marking the second anniversary of michael brown's death.
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black lives movement and numerous anti-police brutality group. crystal haynes showed us how dozens of locals protested in dorchester. >> reporter: this march raising voices for police brutality started with silence. the two-year anniversary of the shooting death of unarmed black teenager michael brown marked with this protest march and rally. application against police over 100. >> it has been tragic really. but at the same time, it's been optimistic from the sense that more people are waking up. more people are discussing the issue. >> what happened in my house should never happened. i called for help. >> reporter: a discussion that continued on this baseball diamond in dorchester. speakers calling for action against police officers. accused of brutalizing their families. >> and i sat across from -- and you listen to my baby cry
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please help me. they left him hogtied with his head bleeding. [chanting] >> reporter: surrounded by boston police down dorchester avenue, she expressed outrage for members of the task force that shot and killed her brother usama rahim last summer. police describe rahim as a terrorist saying he attacked percent parking lot. >> parking lot of a cvs and they shot him dead as a dog. [chanting] >> reporter: i am crystal haynes, fox25 news. mass action invited the parents of michael brown. they couldn't make it but did send a statement saying they they were there in spirit and thank everyone for their support. a scathing report by the department of justice says
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violate the civil rights of citizens. the report says baltimore police make unconstitutional searches, use excessive force and retaliate against people who engage in free speech. it also found severe and unjustified differences in stops, searches and arrests of african-americans. the investigation started after the death of freddie gray last year. he died in a police van after being arrested in baltimore. the lowell spinners honored a local police officer killed in the line of duty. >> tonight we honor his legacy and welcome his family >> catherine: the family of officer ronald tarantino jr. threw out the first pitch. there is his parents and sister. his favorite pasttime fishing and antique cars at the park. the father of three was hot in the back during a traffic stop in may. good morning, everyone. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. let's start with the maps and things look great. bright green is what we like
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later hours as well, but not usually the case. no issues on route 1 or 93 south. pike moving along fine. 128 south of the pike also clear. expressway, no issues as you head from the braintree split up through quincy, naponset and into boston. here are those live drive times. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound through 49 to mass avenue. 8 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike -- ooh, i love it when those numbers change right in front of our eye connector. these will stay reasonable and manageable for at least the next hour and a half to two hours. not until 6:30 do we see things start to slow down. however if anything does happen, i will let you know. we are two days out from our zip trip to westford, i will be there along with shiri and around town host michele lazcano. there was a lot to do for the whole family. kids love it. bouncy houses, photo booths, there is food. you can see the rest of our
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meteorologist shiri spear joining us now with a look from the forecast. hi, shiri. >> shiri: i have to mention that the zip trip forecast will be dry and very muggy. but the friday showers and storms should hold off for the second half of the day. over the next couple of days through the midday, a lot of humidity that will be a pain in the neck. it is going super high here. pockets of heavy rain but a little tricky because it will be very hit or miss both today and friday, and we will get more widespread rain over the next week. extreme heat, something that could end up being very dangerous starting tomorrow going friday and saturday. we have heat and humidity rolling into play. today because of the cloud cover, i don't think that it is going to be as hot, but you are going to notice it getting very sticky. at the same time, we have a burst of rain that will be coming out of new york, weakening as it goes, it is going to shift into new england during the morning hours and i can time it out for you here at futurecast. first up, temperature-wise,
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everybody is still dry. the spots to watch for the potential rain include southwestern new hampshire, southern vermont and western massachusetts. by noontime that threat is spreading into the boston area, but showers are going to be essentially falling apart, so i don't think the rain will be quite this widespread. we are going to have spotty showers from central into eastern massachusetts at noontime and temperatures will come close to 80 degrees. and for the afternoon, we make it into the low to mid-80s. we will so not necessarily overcast the entire afternoon but a lot more clouds than sun here for the second half of the day. and we have pop-up thunderstorms to monitor that will have locally heavy rain. very tough to decide in advance exactly where these are going to pop. sarah wroblewski is going to be keeping a close eye on this situation and timing them and tracking them for you as think do here. but 6 p.m., that drive home from work. although most of are you dry, we still have a couple of showers that you are going to
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for that time home from work. temperature-wise, 83 in boston. 83 in quincy. 85 in lawrence and lowell. mid-80s fitchburg over to milford, new hampshire. and 78 degrees in worcester. 83 in bridgewater. lower 80s in hull. middle 80s in marshfield and the cape and islands. here is the thing. you see a little blast of rain early this afternoon but you are going to see the most dry weather of all today, but you will see increasing clouds, turning very muggy and temperatures in the lower s beaches today. you just got to go with that fox25 weather app so you can kind of dodge inside when you have those showers coming through and you should be able to get out there i would say 10% of your time inside. 90% of your time outside. the heat is on. 91 in boston. 96 in framingham. 98 degrees in lawrence. we have hyannis at 8 degrees and plymouth at 93. 90s in place with the high
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to heat indices between 100 and 105 degrees for boston and metro west. this can be a dangerous situation if you are not taken care of. take some cool breaks. stay well hydrated. do want everybody to be very careful not just on thursday but friday as we have another round of heat and humidity. tomorrow, could see the winds from south and southwest. and still bringing the tropical moisture into play, so even though i have a feeling thursday will be generally dry, we have tt shower given the amount of moisture in the air. friday morning, start out likely dry and mention our zip trip is pretty good for the afternoon. high around 93 degrees. you factor in the humidity. could feel like 100 again. 88 on saturday with storms around, developing, getting heavier as the day goes on. sunday into monday. the best bet for seeing heavier downpours. temperatures are going to take a little step back because of
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high of 80 degrees. we should start to see some improvements on tuesday. back to you. >> julie: all right, shiri. a 911 dispatcher got an unique call but it wasn't exactly an emergency. how the dispatcher went the extra mile to make sure one elderly resident didn't miss
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we could brag about what's in new light & fit yogurt. but we'd rather talk about what's not in it. like no artificial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging?
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>> catherine: a popular
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bakery opening three locations. flower bakery in harvard, cambridge port and behind the center in boston. they are known for sticky buns and already have four locations. >> julie: ooh, looking forward to that. the obamas have been on martha's vineyard and making the most of it. president obama and first lady michelle spent the day on a private beach with family an friends. the president's motorcade brought the group back to the family's rented home. later seen eating at state road in west a family favorite. the president has been hitting the links, hit 300th round of golf on the vineyard this week. check out this video of the great white shark off the coast of chatham. we have seen video feeding off of gray seals before. but this is very graphic. underwater go pro video of a feeding taking place on monday by the atlantic white shark conservancy and the massachusetts division of marine fisheries.
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fishing net caught around its neck off the coast of chatham. the video shot by the international fund for animal welfare shooting a sedation dart. cut away the net. they also tagged it so they can monitor its recovery. one in ten americans admit they smoke marijuana. a new gallop poll surveyed 1,000 people. 43% say they tried pot and nearly half of all adults age at least once. recreational marijuana use is legal in colorado, oregon and the district of columbia. hatch of the u.s. including massachusetts has om version have a medical marijuana law. a new harvard study says millions of americans may be exposed to unsafe drinking water. scientists found un safe levels of still have chemicals. the chemicals are used to make things like food packaging,
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can cause health problems. studies have linked to high cholesterol, obesity and even cancer. other studies indicate they may weaken the immune system in children. the primary makers of two main chemical that phased out their production years ago. procter & gamble are the biggest advertising spender in the world and one online technique is not working for them. p & g is scaling back on their facebook ad s that target specific consumers. they say doing so limits the effectiveness of their in on customers. they make tide, pampers and a number of other household. sued for copying marvin gaye's "let's get it on." and using it for his song "thinking out loud." ? thinking out loud note ? maybe we found love right where we are ?. >> julie: hmm, i can kind of
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the family of the man that composed gaye's song said he copied core elements of it. they have not commented on the lawsuit. the winner of "the x factor" sued sharon for copying one of his songs for the hit "photograph." it comes one year after the gaye successfully sued robin thicke and pharrell for copying "got to give it up" for their song for their song "blurred lines." people are caught texting behind the wheel, but one driver took it to a new level. dangerous behavior on the highway. another woman is proving
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breaking news now at 5:00. crime scene investigators are working late into the night in a small central massachusetts town. we are gathering new information outside the home as state police collect
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remember a young woman brutally murdered while out for a jog. the plea police are making to the public as they sift through hundreds of anonymous tips. donald trump sparking new controversy with his comments about hillary clinton and gun control. >> although the second amendment people maybe there is, i don't know. >> daniel: why some people are calling that comment a death threat. >> announcer: complete new england coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning. 5 a.m. on this wednesday, august 10. i am daniel miller in today for gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. rain relief headed into town today but meteorologist shiri spear says not everyone will reap the benefits from the fox25 storm tracker weather center to map out where the showers are headgood morning, shir. >> shiri: good morning, guys. showers north and west of boston. but even boston and southeastern massachusetts with at least the slight chance for a shower.


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